This was an in-depth, three-week assignment completed for my Master of Science in User Experience Design program. The assignment was to conduct Remote Unmoderated Testing with the following tasks: 
1. Sign up for remote testing service. 
2. Select a website to test and create a test consisting of three user tasks. 
3. Recruit six participants and conduct user testing. 
4. Analyze and synthesize data and draft a report for stakeholders. 
5. Review and provide feedback on two classmates’ reports. 
6. Revise and submit my own report based on peer feedback. 
My final stakeholder report is below (sorry for the small font size in the images!).

What I learned
First off, I learned the value of running through the usability test I created myself prior to it going live. This would have allowed me to better optimize verbiage on user tasks, and it would have helped me to discover the limitations of my remote testing software.
I also learned the importance of ensuring participants conduct the test on their own devices, be they personal computers or mobile. For instance, variations from how users manage their computer window size, to which, if any, ad blocker programs they're running, greatly influenced test outcomes.
Finally, I was a participant in several fellow classmates' usability tests. This offered me simple, but very useful, insight on what it's like to be a participant, and increased my level of empathy toward test participants.
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